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Falcon 9 is a partially reuseable medium lift launch vehicle that can carry cargo and crew into Earth orbit. The rocket has two stages. The first (booster) stage burns for approximately 2.5 minutes before separating from the second stage and returning to land. The second stage continues to burn lifting the payload to orbit. The rocket evolved through several versions. V1.0 flew from 2010–2013, V1.1 flew from 2013–2016, while V1.2 Full Thrust first launched in 2015, encompassing the Block 5 Full Thrust variant, flying since May 2018. The first orbital mission launched on October 8, 2012. Vertically landing of the first stage was first achieved on Flight 20 in December 2015. The first manned flight was Crew Dragon Demo-2 launched on May 30, 2020. The currently active version, Falcon 9 Block 5, has flown 128 missions, all full successes. On October 20, 2022, Falcon 9 set a new record of 48 successful launches by the same launch vehicle type in a calendar year.

All files are located on a Google drive I pay for. If you feel like I deserve some compensation for my efforts, please feel free to buy my books on Amazon by using the links provided.

All files are located on a Google drive I pay for. If you feel like I deserve some compensation for my efforts, please feel free to buy my books on Amazon by using the links provided.

Falcon Heavy is a partially reusable heavy-lift launch vehicle utilizing three Falcon 9 first stages boosters giving it the highest payload capacity of any currently operational launch vehicle. Heavy's maiden launch was on February 6, 2018, carrying a Tesla Roadster driven by a dummy dubbed Starman. Both outside boosters were recovered losing the center core booster on a bad landing. On April 11, 2019, all three booster rockets successfully landed.

The SpaceX Raptor Rocket Engine is amazing. The two ZIP files contain the thirty odd stl files needed to print your own model. Please let me know how it goes and if you found this to be useful and more importantly, enjoyable to build.

SpaceX Merlin Rocket Engine

SpaceX Raptor 1 Rocket Engine

LED interior lighting

2AA batteries needed

Working Side Hatch 

Working Nosecone

26 Magnets throughout

Falcon Heavy

Welcome to my CAD model page. I make several of these models in proffing the CAD design and sell these and have made a few more on request but in general. I have been moving from design to painted model and going on the the next project so if you want the stl files to print them yourself, I have provided links to my Google drive and you can download the zip files. But be warned! These are not easy to print, paint, and assemble. I designed these line-to-line so your 3D parts must be worked to achieve a good fit...or you have a better printer than mine... Regardless, these models will test and strengthen your model making skills or crush you like an empty beer can...:-)

Scroll down to see a list of printed kits I can provide but please understand, I do this for fun. So if you're up for having some fun, then you came to the right place! Get in touch with me on Facebook or X and let's compare notes!

Height: 260mm (10.75 in)

Diameter: 120mm (4.75 in)

Weight: 650 g/1.4 lbs

Scale: 1/32 scale
Material: PLA

Named Endeavour by her crew, Demo-2 was the first manned flight of the new SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft. On 30 May 2020, a Falcon 9 booster sent Endeavour hurtling towards the International Space Station. Aboard was NASA astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken. It was the first crewed orbital spaceflight launched from the United States since the final Space Shuttle mission STS-135 in 2011, and the first ever operated by a commercial provider.

Falcon 9 V1.2

SpaceX Crew Dragon

This rocket engine is the workhorse engineering feat that powers the Falcon 9 and the Falcon 9 Heavy. Designed at 1/12 scale, the ZIP file contains the seventeen stl files that you can use to print your own model.

1/72 Scale Model
Strongback with tilt feature
Overall Dimensions: 36x14x7 inches
Model configuration either Cargo Fairing or Crew Dragon